Monday, October 31, 2016

The Cards Were Right Again!

Lots and lots of good things happened this weekend and  are planned for tonight.  But first, my Inner Witch Photo Challenge is nearly done and is posted off to the side as a page.  Feel free to give the link a click and check what out I've been doing this month.  I'm on the hunt for November photo challenge next.  I enjoy doing these, I think my skills have improved this month alone.

Saturday was the Samhain Party and I'm really proud of myself.  The Water Caller was late, we needed to kill some time, so I bit the bullet and put myself out there, by saying, "I brought my divination stuff, if anyone's interested....I have tarot, fortune, oracle, and runes."  I ended up doing two readings, and really connecting with the host's mother.  We talked about her reading, I got to know her a bit more, and we talked about crocheting and sewing, and it was good.  She was a lovely woman, and I hope that I helped her a little bit with her issue.

During the readings, someone came up and asked if I wanted a wooden box, with handmade runes inside of it.  I didn't know this person, and it was really random.  Heck yeah!  That was pretty cool.  I love wooden boxes, it will be put to good use, remembering the importance of spreading love and compassion, especially to strangers. I told my anxiety to take the back seat for once, so I could do my part to help someone else. It felt really good. No matter how small the act seems to be, it can have a major impact on someone.

Give Away Your Love by Kristy Tackett, October 2016.
For the #CaptureYourGrief Project.

I want local friends and to be involved in the off-line Pagan and Witch communities!  I didn't even need my anxiety meds!  I decided to not bring them, because I didn't want that possible crutch.  I pushed myself and am really proud of my accomplishments.

I also connected with another Hecate and Dionysus follower!  It was so great talking with someone else who's psychic or "Psionic" as they called themselves (As a Marvel fan, I LOVE that!), and having the same UPG's (er SPG in this case) about the Gods.  Fantastic.  We talked for a while about our abilities, art, and our Gods.

I was myself, instead of the anxious kid in the back, who just listens and wishes that they were braver.   Nah, I did it.

The ritual was great too.  There was another Hecate follower there who opened a crossroads, and the energy was wonderful.  I entered the circle, kneeled, knocked three times, and gave my offerings to Her.  I felt amazing energy and peace in return.

The opener also performed a wish spell.  I had to turn around three times, lol, and received a plastic gold coin.  It was good fun.  But then I lost the coin!  It literally disappeared into my purse.  Never seen again.  I was disappointed but thought, maybe that means my wish is coming true?  I had a couple things on my mind - role as healer, not being controlled by my fears, and the photography business.  We'll see.

Yesterday, I woke up and felt a stronger connection with Aphrodite, too, out of all things!  I wrote a little piece for Her in one of my Hellenic groups, about how we met and what we're working on:

I started working with Her through Dionysus. He and I work on self love and compassion, among many other things. For a while, He would choose the form of the video game Elder Scroll's Dibella to address female issues. I felt Him, never Aphrodite, although I did look into Her, at one point. But I knew that there was a chance that She might come through, I think that was Dionysus preparing me.

She's been fairly subtle, then one day when I was on a photo shoot photographing Cinderella Roses, I felt Her. Standing there, smiling. Encouraging me to snap that photo. She loved it. From there, She's been visiting here and there. I already work with Hephaestus, but I never really felt Him concerning my photography. With other art forms, yes, but not photography.

But Aphrodite, She's around. She, along with Dionysus, is helping me to see my potential and to love my work. To have confidence and be fearless and to do what I love. To follow my passions, no matter what. "Use art to spread love. Share your passion."

She's also helping me to come out of my shell, see my self worth, and be true to myself. Aphrodite is joy. Always smiling. Compassionate. Gentle. She's more than a sexual Being, for me. Never did I ever think that I'd be working with Her....then again, I said the same about Dionysus, and He's one of the Theoi that I'm closest to.

Also, most of the time when Aphrodite pops in, I hear Me'Shell Ndegéocello's Poison Ivy playing in my head.  I think She likes that song!

In the afternoon, I had a meeting with my partners, and received our business cards!  The blue box says it all!  My name is spelled wrong, but that's fine.  We'll fix it in the next batch.  But Business Cards!  It's real now.  And we have three, possibly four, appointments scheduled in November!  All paying jobs.

We also talked again about our prices, and giving clients more for their dollar--concerns that I had when I first saw the prices.  I was concerned at first, but the cards told me to trust in the process, so I did, and it's working out.  So when they work it out, I'll have to update our websites with our currant prices.

We went out for lunch afterwards, and due to the computer's freezing, we got a free meal!

When I got home from the meeting, I crashed!  Slept for like 5 hours!  All of that wonderful, lovely energy, ya know?  All of the healing and joy and enlightening conversations.  At the restaurant, I talked with my partners about spiritual stuff.  One is a protestant, but is very open and accepting, she's really cool.  We talked for couple hours about religions, spirituality, compassion, and our journries.  It was enlightening and just great.  Refreshing.

Then last night, was the Dark Moon so I performed my rituals for the Hecate and the Ancestors.  Unwound as the candles burned, and relfected.  I feel like a different person.  I feel really happy and stronger.  More confident and positive about my future than I've felt.

Tonight is Trick or Treat.  It's also Hecate's Day, Ancestor's Day, the Third Harvest, the Noumenia, and my 6th Handfasting Anniversary.  I also have to catch up on the Inner Witch challenge and finish the Capture Your Grief Project today.  Lots of to do!

I hope yall had a great weekend and have a good sabbat today.


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