Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Arete and Tech Gods

This weeks photo challenge is a pillar: Ethike Arete, which means "pursuing the best version of yourself" (forgive me, I didn't write down the author--it either came from an HP tumblr or from Baring the Aegis's blogspot.  Being sick, I just don't have the energy to hunt it down).  So I've been having brain storms, but not too many snapped photos.

I thought about washing with khernips or lighting sage above a bowl of water, but that might be best for Hageria, the pillar that speaks about avoiding miasma.

Then I thought about gym equipment or eating salad--I've been working out and eating healthier since September, for health reasons not vanity.

A lot of "pursuing my best self" is internal, like bitching less and not getting offended by everything--making better choices and letting stuff go.  Or it involves the internet, and I've already photographed the computer and such for projects last year.  There's only so much I can do with my laptop.

If I wasn't clouded by stuffiness, I could probably figure this out....

*Looking over my 2017 Tries list*

I could cut some cords to represent the last stages of healthier living without certain toxic people in my life?

Eh, the Muses, Aphrodite, or Hephaestus will give me the spark sometime this week, They usually do....usually while I'm photographing the scene.  Which, I am so grateful for digital cameras.  Yes, I will always love the older film cameras, but it's fantastic to be able to see the image either on the camera's screen or on the laptop within a matter of minutes to see what needs fixing or changed.  Thank the Tech Gods!

Which I wonder who they'd be anyway?  Hephaestus might be one, and similar Deities like Him.  Inventors.  Crafters.  Although would some Tech Gods be new?  Or perhaps it'd be the form of Hero Worship, like Steve Jobs?  I'm honestly not that tech savvy, but I often do find myself thanking the Gaming Gods, whomever they might be!

You know, I like the cord cutting idea...although that means I'd actually have to fortify and do it this year...  It's all part of the journey, right?  By not doing it, I'm still giving those jerks power over me, and that's just not part of the plan.

Then a vision of a hammer breaking shackles into pieces comes to mind.  Shame I don't know where my shackles are, but I get His meaning.

I'm off for some chicken noodle soup!


Saturday, January 14, 2017

Listening and Thrifting

I felt well enough to have ritual last night.  I didn't go into as much depth as usual, just a shower, then a khernip wash and giving of libations.  Well, wine and sex.  Sex is probably why I felt some recharge, actually.  Course then Sister Moon kept me up until 6 am, so I'm running on 3.5 hours of sleep right now.  At least I'm not nearly as jittery, although I had an anxiety spike at Aldi's earlier.  Just too many damn people milling in one corner of the store.  What, are yall cattle?  What's going on here?  I kind of flipped out on my husband because he got huffy at me needing to go back to the car.  So that was fun.  Boo, but at least I got some Greek yogurt and spinach.  Yum!

Today, the Powers kept giving me thrift store thoughts, so I went there this afternoon and let Them lead me.  I listened by paying attention to the energy of some areas and objects.  I picked up three scarves (green, red, and lavender), a ceramic wash bowl, a smaller ceramic offering bowl, 4 wooden draw knobs that I'm going to use to represent myself and family on Hestia-Vesta's shrine, a cauldron lookin thing that I'm dedicating to Hephaestus, and a dish that's in the shape of a shell.  One of the Powers wanted this big, bulky conch shell candle holder, but I wouldn't budge, simply because I didn't have any place to put it!

I was leaving, my eye spotted this silver bowl with a bull on it.  I thought it might be perfect for Dionysus, but I as grabbed it, I felt sick.  I put it down, then tried picking it up again, because it was only $1.  It was like They smacked my hand away with a burst a nausea, as if to say, If I can't have the ceramic conch shell holder, He can't have the bull bowl! 

So that's how that went.

All of that only cost me $10, so I stopped off at the Dollar Tree to look for a dove motif for Aphrodite, and wouldn't you know it, I found nothing!  So I might try Meijer or someplace.  Instead I bought a pack of tealights, a lavender candle for Hestia, a pink candle for Kuan Yin, a beautiful blue and gold place mat for Poseidon and Amphitrite, and two pictures of poppies--one for Artemis and the other for the Ancestors.  All-in-all, I spent about $18.  Not too shabby.

A couple of items not pictured

I just finished cleansing and washing most of the items, and realized that I probably should've bought a lighter, since mine just ran out of fuel!  Darn it, lol.

Looking at all of these dishes, when we get ourselves a new place, I'm going to need a cabinet for my ritual dishes!  I already have one for my magikal and shrine crap.  Gonna need another for the ritual dishes now.  But I'm glad that I brought a bowl for the wash basin, and now that I know how to double stitch, which goes way faster than single, I'll be able to crochet myself a towel to dry my hands.

Now with the wooden knobs, I'll need to devise a ritual to dedicate them to Hestia-Vesta to represent us...and personalize them, too.  I wanted a fifth to represent Nathan, but I figured since he already has a place on the Ancestral shrine, he doesn't need one.   Although....

It's been a pretty good day, and it's only 4 pm.  Part of me wants to take a nap, but the other part wants to try and get my sleep schedule on a normal rthyem.  How the fuck do you spell that word?   Rhythm, the bane of my spelling existence!  Thank the Techno Gods for Google!  Spell checker didn't have a flippin clue either!

I hope yall have a good weekend.  I'm gonna go get some wings.


Friday, January 13, 2017

Le Sigh

Guess I'm not going to get around to my rituals tonight.  Last night I was drained of energy, and today I've been fighting off anxiety attacks.  I haven't had it this bad for a few months, and had to break down and take half a pill of my medication.  Crocheting didn't work, coloring, grounding, endless scrolling, Metal Gear, Many a True Nerd, none of that was working.

Anxiety's low, but the jitteriness is still there, so I'm not going to risk it.  At least hubby got me a chocolate chunky blizzardy treat.  As Remus Lupin says, "Chocolate, it helps.  It realllly helps!"

Damn moon energy.  Sometimes it's great for me, other times the energy is overwhelming.

For the commenter on the last posts:  Thanks!  I will certainly do that tonight.  If you're interested in learning, this video really helped me with both single and double stitch.


Full Drain

Gotta love those full moons that just drain your energy!  Tonight, I'll have to perform my duties and ask my questions.  I actually have a lot of questions to ask this session!

  • Are the Gods happy with my spiritual calendar?
  • Should I include Aphrodite in my full moon rituals?
  • Should I stop honoring Dibella?
  • Should I begin to honor Dionysus on the 13th of every month?
  • Does Hecate want me to perform Her Deipnon on the Dark Moon?
  • Should I honor Hecate on the last day of every month?
Oh, and another question about my invention.  

This week's oracle card suggested that I honor my cycles, so I didn't put up a fight with the sleepiness last night, although Sister Moon did put me to bed around 8 pm!  That's crazy early for me.  I actually fell asleep before the kids went night night around 7:30!  I'm still kind of drained today.  Hopefully I can get the energy up because I've got stuff to do tonight.  

I also have the Lenaia ritual to perform, although since that's a three or four day festival, I may do that one tomorrow...  

Ugh, still tired and I have a headache. Boo.  I was going to write some on one of the Pillars: Arete, but I just don't have the focus for it.  Since it is the subject for next weeks photo challenge, I'll probably brain storm then.  Thinkin that I might go and work on my Hufflepuff scarf.  I finally figured out how to double stitch, and it's just wonderful.  


Monday, January 9, 2017

New and Improved 2017 Spiritual Calendar

Cool, I think I have a better handle on my far.  And I found this nifty glossary of Hellenic terms....shame there's no pronunciation guide.  Something simple, too, like biology - bi or bye-ah-low-gee.  That's the type of guide this dyslexic brain needs to see.

As for my calendar, some things are me doing my own thing, other dates are from various sources.  I still have research to do for some festivals, so this isn't set in stone.  Some dates will be different from others because I'm using multiple sources--authors, friends, bloggers, etc.  No doubt this calendar will endure many more changes.

I've decided to celebrate the Deipnon, Noumenia, and Agathos Daimon as Dark Moon/New Moon rituals, then to continue to use the Gregorian Calendar for other days, instead of racking my brain trying to work in accordance with two calendars--the Athenian and the Gregorian.  Some days are in accordance with Hellenion Calendar, and that's fine for now.  I've also decided to only work rituals and festivals for the Gods that I actually work with, as was done in ancient times.

I've also decided to leave out the last day of every month for Hecate.  She seems more concerned with my Dark Moon activities, anyway.  Plus, having the Dark/New Moon rituals coincide with the Last Day so often is too much for me sometimes.  Nixed it.

  • 4th - Aphrodite
  • 6th - Artemis
  • 8th - Poseidon
  • 12th - Full Moon
  • 12th - Lenaia
  • 13th - Dionysus
  • 15th - Lenaia Ends
  • 28th - Ancestor's Moon, Hecate's Deipnon
  • 29th - Noumenia
  • 30th - Agathos Daimon

  • 4th - Aphrodite
  • 6th - Artemis
  • 8th - Poseidon
  • 10th - Full Moon
  • 11th - Libation to Aphrodite
  • 13th - Dionysus
  • 14th - Lupercalia
  • 23rd - Diasia
  • 26th - Ancestor's Moon
  • 27th - Hecate's Deipnon
  • 28th - Noumenia

  • 1st - Agathos Daimon, Renewal of the Flamma Vesta
  • 4th - Aphrodite
  • 6th - Artemis
  • 8th - Poseidon
  • 9th - Dionysia Begins, Asklepieia
  • 11th - Libation to Hephaestus
  • 12th - Full Moon
  • 13th - Dionysia Ends, Dionysus
  • 20th - Spring Equinox
  • 28th - Ancestor's Moon, Hecate's Deipnon
  • 29th - Noumenia
  • 30th - Agathos Daimon

  • 4th - Aphrodite
  • 6th - Artemis
  • 8th - Poseidon, Libation to Artemis
  • 11th - Full Moon, The Cerealia Begins
  • 13th - Dionysus
  • 19th - The Cerealia Ends
  • 26th - Ancestor's Moon
  • 27th - Hecate's Deipnon
  • 28th - Noumenia, Feast Day of Vesta
  • 29th - Agathos Daimon

  • 1st - May Day
  • 3rd - Thargelia for Artemis
  • 4th - Thargelia for Apollo, Aphrodite
  • 6th - Artemis
  • 8th - Poseidon
  • 10th - Full Moon
  • 13th - Dionysus, Libation to Apollo
  • 25th - Ancestor's Moon
  • 26th - Hecate's Deipnon
  • 27th - Noumenia
  • 28th - Agathos Daimon

  • 4th - Aphrodite
  • 6th - Artemis
  • 7th - The Vestalia Begins
  • 8th - Poseidon
  • 9th - Full Moon
  • 10th - Libation to Zeus
  • 13th - Dionysus
  • 15th - The Vestalia Ends
  • 17th - Prometheia
  • 21st - Summer Solstice
  • 24th - Ancestor's Moon, Hecate's Deipnon
  • 25th - Noumenia
  • 26th - Agathos Daimon

  • 4th - Aphrodite, Aphrodisia
  • 6th - Artemis
  • 8th - Poseidon, Full Moon, Libation to Athena
  • 13th - Dionysus
  • 23rd - Ancestor's Moon
  • 24th - Hecate's Deipnon
  • 25th - Noumenia
  • 26th - Agathos Daimon

  • 1st - First Harvest
  • 4th - Aphrodite
  • 6th - Artemis
  • 7th - Full Moon
  • 8th - Poseidon
  • 12th - Libation to Hermes
  • 13th - Dionysus
  • 21st - Ancestor's Moon
  • 22nd - Hecate's Deipnon
  • 23rd - Noumenia, Vulcanalia
  • 24th - Agathos Daimon

  • 4th - Aphrodite
  • 5th - Genesia
  • 6th - Artemis, Full Moon
  • 8th - Poseidon
  • 9th - Libation to Demeter and Persephone
  • 13th - Dionysus
  • 20th - Ancestor's Moon
  • 21st - Hecate's Deipnon
  • 22nd - Noumenia, Second Harvest, Fall Equinox
  • 23rd - Agathos Daimon

  • 4th - Aphrodite
  • 5th - Full Moon
  • 6th - Artemis
  • 8th - Poseidon
  • 13th - Dionysus
  • 14th - Libation to Poseidon
  • 20th - Ancestor's Moon, Hecate's Deipnon
  • 21st - Noumenia
  • 22nd - Agathos Daimon
  • 30th - Khalkeia
  • 31st - Ancestor's Day, Third Harvest

  • 4th - Aphrodite, Full Moon
  • 6th - Artemis
  • 8th - Poseidon
  • 11th - Libation to Ares
  • 13th - Dionysus
  • 18th - Ancestor's Moon
  • 19th - Hecate's Deipnon
  • 20th - Noumenia
  • 21st - Agathos Daimon
  • 23rd - Last Harvest

  • 3rd - Full Moon
  • 4th - Aphrodite
  • 6th - Artemis
  • 8th - Poseidon, Poseidea
  • 9th - Libation to Dionysus
  • 13th - Dionysus
  • 18th - Ancestor's Moon
  • 19th - Hecate's Deipnon
  • 20th - Noumenia
  • 21st - Agathos Daimon, Winter Solstice
  • 26th - Haloa
  • 31st - Dionysus' Day (Possible rename as Dionysus Pannukhia - "an all night revel" [P. 92, Sarah Winter's Kharis]).  


Monday, January 2, 2017

First Reading for 2017

I spent some time with my Poseidon and Kuan Yin shrines today, the ones up in my room that are often neglected (I have two other spaces for Them in the living room, where I spend most of my time).  I talked to Them, gave Kuan Yin a picture of a peacock that I colored from my stress release coloring book, then I sat down for a divination reading,  It was overall fairly positive.

But first, I just had a little interesting thing happen to me today. Back in October for the Samhain party, a devotee of Hecate was giving wish coins out. I thought that I had lost the one he gave to me, despite remembering that I had put it in my purse with my divination stuff. I searched and re-searched my purse and divination stuff over and over. Couldn't find it. I accepted that it was lost.

Then today, as I pulled my divination stuff out again for a general 2017 reading, there it was sitting on my rune notebook like it had been there all this time (it wasn't--I've even used this box a few times since the party, it wasn't in there). Very glad to have it back, and I take it as a good sign from Hecate concerning my wish for this year. :-)

What will today hold?  What lessons will I learn?
  • Tool - Labor, Production
  • Dancing Woman & Pendulum - Celebration & Trust
  • Crescent Moon - Divination, Ritual
Well, I did divine and I also performed the warding and house blessing today (I still need to bless my kin with Hestia's Ash).

Fairytale Fortune Cards:
  • Mouse - What's bothering you?
  • Path - Choice
  • Star - You'll shine no matter the challenges.  Guidance.
While shuffling, student loans popped up.  We were making good on my federal loans, then payments stopped in the summer.  We tried and tried to contact the case worker, but she never got back to us.  So fresh start to figure out just what the heck happened and how to get back on track.  

What do I need to know?
Housewives Tarot:
  • Page of Wands - Growth is needed to bring dreams to reality.
  • Two of Pentacles - Balance Responsibilities.
On it.  

What's holding me back?  What do I need to work on this year?
Wildwood Tarot:
  • Fox - Determination leads to success, but often at a personal cost.  Wit, cleverness, and foresight will guide you.  Leave your old ways behind.  
  • Exploitation - Selfish use of resources leads to imbalance.
  • The Sun of Life - The creative fire.  Potential.  Growth.  Let your inner self shine.
  • Jealousy - Be aware of surrendering to envy.  Refocus your energy into positive and creative momentum.
Exactly.  Many things that I have listed in my 2017 Tries.  

What message do you have for me?
Goddess Guidance Oracle:
  • "You are a channel for divine healing."
  • "Your independence is a foundation for strength and success."

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Brainstorming for Morpheus

Gonna be a little post happy today, but today does start off my 52 Greco-Roman Photo Challenge, so I've been thinking about what to do about Morpheus, the God of Dreams and Sleep.  I started the challenge off with Him since this is the season of winter, a time for rest, reflection, introspection, and so on.  When I worked with Kodiak Bear, that great spirit taught me the importance of spiritual hibernation and rest.  Recharging, and I'm sure a lot of people are hung over and resting today!

I've been brainstorming ideas for this weeks photo, or photos.  I thought of a sleeping person, a sleep aid on a pillow, the starry night sky, Sister I hit a wall, I thought that perhaps with each new week that I start it off with research, especially for the less popular or the concepts.  The point of this project is to get to know Them better.  To honor Them through one of my better art forms.  As well as to further develop my skills.

Starting the week off getting to know Them will also help me brainstorm for shots.  So a bit about Morpheus, the God of Sleep, Dream Messenger, and "Leader of the Oneiroi" (3):

  • Son of Hypnos (sleep); brother of Phobetor and Phantasos.
  • Shape shifter, the Dream Sculpture
  • Often depicted as a man with wings

Here, the Underflow has a prayer to Morpheus.  This page has a hymn to Hypnos and Morpheus (#4, further down the page).

Yeah, not a whole lot about Morpheus, I guess I'm relying on general sleep and dream symbols for this one.  On my general shrine, I use sleep tea to represent idea just came to me, I'll have to try it out later (I have all week to come up with a good photo(s) for Him).  I'm currently fighting the desire to sleep right now.  I plan on doing this for many of those on my photo challenge, if nothing else than to get some idea flowing about my subject.

Either tonight or tomorrow I'll post the Hestia Home Blessing.


  1. Ancient Origins:  Morpheus, the Greek God of Dreams who delivered messages from the gods to the mortal world
  2. God Checker: Morpheus
  3. Theoi: Morpheus
  4. Theoi: Oneiroi

Last Ritual of 2016

I did my last ritual of 2016 for Hestia, Dionysus, and Hephaestus.  Hephaestus just showed up, so barley He got. 

I set up the altar.  Showered.  Lit the candles.  Tossed barley into the bowl.  I greeted Hestia.  Saged.  Addressed Dionysus.  Felt Hephaestus.  Greeted Him and gave barley into His fire.  Said a bit about letting go of the negatives and past of 2016, and looking forward to the positives and future of 2017. 

I sacrificed the squash and poured the wine over it. 

Sacrifice Series

Collected the sage ash.  Showed my gratitude and ended the ritual.  

Tonight, I'll be preparing for the Home Blessing with Hestia, and using some of that collected ash.  

Saturday, December 31, 2016

2017 Tries

2016 was pretty successful.  I accomplished a lot and more!  I gained strength, confidence, faith, passion, hope, and determination.  I'm definitely a different, more mature person than I was a year ago.  All I can do is smile at my progress, I never would've thought that I had it in me to get to this point.

I mean, I'm partnered with two friends, with a photography business.  Can you believe that?  I've always wanted to be a professional photographer, it's my passion and dream...but I never thought that it'd actually happen.  I've had to overcome a lot of anxiety with this whole putting myself out there and dealing with customers face-to-face.  It's not perfect, but it's one hell of a start!

I actually love a lot of my work, and I'm striving to do better and better with each passing month.

I have motivation!

I'm not as involved in drama anymore.

As difficult as it is, I know how to cut certain people out of my life...and I know that I have the courage to stay away.  It does need work, but it's better than nothing.

I'm not as controlled by my anxiety and mental illnesses anymore.  There's a lot that I've taken chances on that anxiety would never have allowed, like the photography business and the Samhain party, the Marion Witch Meet up, the Wicca and Pagan 101 classes I've been attending to meet local friends....oh god, getting myself out there about my bisexuality and, shoot, even just volunteering on this new huge witch page as a teacher and helper.

I'm not reaching for my anxiety medicine every time I feel an attack coming on.

I haven't self harmed in a long time either, come to think of it....

I got serious about Hellenic Polytheism, and became more devoted to my Gods.  Yes, I'd say that I've stayed truer to Their tasks for me.

For the most part, I've kept with One and Done with blogging and status updates.

I failed with less internet, and I faltered a lot with healthier diet, but I did start going to the gym 2-3 times a week in September.

I'm more patient with my children and more affectionate towards my husband.

I've a made a lot of progress in my Grief Work, concerning Nathan.

I'm kinder with myself.

2016 has had a lot of ups and downs, but I chose to see the good.  To do as Mr. Rogers suggested and look for the helpers.  Look for the good.  The good in the world, the good in my life, the good in my loved ones, the good in myself.

Hope.  Faith.  The light in the darkness.

My continuous goal is to unlock my Aries potential and be more than another bitchy angry ram.  So many times I've read about how motivated, determined, and successful Aries tend to be.  I'm going to unlock  My potential...well, I think I already have, just by looking at all that I've accomplished this year.  Course that's just the beginning.

Still working on how I think.

So what are my Tries for 2017?  Let's take a look...

  1. To dedicate more time and topics to my Book of Hearth and Home blog, other than just crochet stuff.
  2. Learn to Let Go of more stuff; to not be offended and vocal about everything.  To put that energy into something better.  
  3. See the Good and Be the Change.
  4. Keep on with One and Done.
  5. Complain/Vent/Bitch Less on the internet.
  6. Cuss less.
  7. Make less excuses.
  8. Gain more self confidence--change how I see myself.  Love myself.  (which i know starts with the brain, but doing healthier things also helps this transformation)
  9. Figure out what happened with my Federal Loans and consolidate my Private Loans.
  10. Cut the Cords with Jeff and Dora.  Once and for all.  I'm tired of feeling trapped and paranoid.  
  11. Keep up with the gym and eat healthier.  
  12. Keep up with divination studies.
  13. Have Faith, Be Steadfast, and Stay Diligent.  Stay focused on my goals.
  14. Stay true to these Pillars: Kharis, Metriotes, Sophia, Eusebeia, Ethike Arete, Sophrosune, Xenia, and Hagreia (Baring the Aegis).  At least experiment, keep them in mind.  Figure out which ones are more important to me.
  15. Start weight liftning this year.
  16. To _____, because things will change throughout the year.

From Youtube

Those Good God Feels....and Those Techno-Empath Disturbances

Maybe it's because I just got over a stomach bug, or because of something else, but lately I've been seeing "Asklepius" or "Asclepius" popping up.  That can mean a couple of things for me.  Either that it's trending or popular or that it's a spiritual sign.  From what I've seen, He's a pretty popular God among many HP's.  Usually, I can differentiate between the two due to energies after a few days, by simply paying attention....or going the divination route.  Although sometimes the Gods like to play a little longer, throwing me riddles and such, and other times They may be a bit more direct.  Hecate was direct.  Poseidon was also direct, although very aggressive.  Hestia, Ceres, Dionysus....all very direct.  Some others left me trails to follow.  They enjoy the chase, I guess. ;-)

Today, after seeing a shrine erected to Asclepius on the Facebook group Hellenismos Temple of the Gods, I felt many good feelings.  I saw this shrine yesterday and felt nothing, other than, Hey, that's a nice looking shrine.  Then today...

A calling.

I went searching about this Healing God, and the feeling got so much stronger.  Warmth.  Pleasant energies.  Joy.  Asclepius is calling to me.  Wanting me as a devotee?  I don't know yet, and won't know until I perform the necessary research, and then have the meeting with Him to see what His intentions are.  But so far, I like what I'm reading.

I did find myself thinking a lot about Him during my recovery.  Mostly just His name kept popping up in my mind in between dreams and bouts of sleep.  I kept "hearing"  water and hydrate.  Sleep.  Could've been anyone...could've been Him, who knows for certain?  Who cares, really? As Christopher Penczak says, "At the end of the day, I’m a practical witch.  [...]  I don’t care if you think you are talking to your inner voice or the divine creative spirits.  Is it helping you?  Is it healing you?  If so, it’s real".


Brother dropped off the kids, as a gift, I recieved an adult coloring book and a beautiful gold and turquoise necklace, that I'm pretty sure Aphrodite claimed as I pulled it out of the box.  I practically "read" Her name on it!   After my brother and SIL left, spiritual bidness picked up!

I was approved to be an editor to another witchy Facebook page.  My guides said it was a good idea to lend my knowledge--although they weren't certain about the founder, so I applied, and was approved.  Except the creator of the page is sick and I was unintentionally hit by her ill energy through messenger.  After closing her profile and the messenger connecting us, I went to sage my home and self, and discovered that my sage stick wasn't sitting on Hestia's shrine like it should be....where I left it last night.

According to SPG it was a female spirit, last night, trying to get my attention.  I felt bad that I didn't notice her, but SPG said that she'll find someone else who can help her.  That makes me feel better.

I just saged and visited Ascelepius' wiki page and was doused in feel good energy.  The sickness is fading.  Whew, what a rush!  So much happening in very little time, as is the way of the Gods and the Spirits in my life.

There's just something about New Years.  Last year, it was Orca, then Death, then Dionysus, and so on.  Constant, not-gonna-let-you-sleep-til-you-get-our-messages-out energies.  Which I don't mind, honestly.  Really, I should be used to it, been happening to me long enough.  Need to tell me something, tell me something.  Just don't toy with me.  But sometimes, Their messages aren't all super urgent, sometimes ya might just have a God in your ear, chattering away...Dionysus, I'm thinking of you!....which again, I don't mind.  He's actually one of the more clearer deities who speaks to me from time to time.  Quite a blessing at times, although it can also be draining.  God energy is powerful.


There we go, the energy of the page has shifted.  It's more positive now.  And after I posted my bio, I felt nothing but warmth. *Thumbs up*  I just hope that I'm not welcoming unnecessary drama into my life with this page....but I can just leave if I feel that my progress is threatened.

It's both a blessing and a curse to be one of those empaths who can sense a person's energies through technology.

So, Ascelepius, yes.  The God of the hour that I'm going to spend some time researching.  Plus I have a Home Blessing and a New Years sacrifice that I need to prepare for tonight.