Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Circle of Friends

I had a dream last night, another one of those sticky dreams.  Started off in a Kroger.  I ran into my BFF there, and she was there with some of our friends from university: CM, AR, JF, M, and a High Priestess.

They were camping in a temple ruins that was actually inside of the Kroger.  Secluded from the crowds.  I kind of invited myself and set up a tent, while they all did something kind of strange.  They were setting up a circle for a Wiccan ritual.  I found it quite odd because in the waking world, none of them are Witches or Pagans, and yet in this dream they were setting up a ritual space like they knew what they were doing.  And they did!.  I watched since this was their thing.

They had their ritual and it was powerful and wonderful.  Absolutely beautiful.  Then a storm or something was blowing in, and we had to seek shelter inside of one of the more enclosed temples.  I realized that we weren't inside of Kroger anymore, but actually on a historical site somewhere.

I got separated from them in this temple and found myself with the HPS.  She kind of look like Khatun from The OA.  I search for them in the roofed temple, and eventually found myself back at the circle.  In the center of it, alone.  It was a dark, clear night.  I looked up into the sky, at the stars, and woke up.

It's possible that I dreamt it because of the Study Group's ritual that we're working on for March 19th.  I gave up Water Caller for another, sticking with the Omens and with bringing some supplies and foods.

Spiritual or not, it was a beautiful dream.

Dream Moods says that the High Priestess may be an indication of "telling you to go with your gut feeling and trust your intuition. Alternatively, the High Priestess is a symbol of creativity and inner wisdom", which coincides with a reading that I had this morning.

The Temple meaning from that site also syncs up with my reading, "represents inspiration, spiritual thinking, meditation and growth".

The Circle was important.  My friends had caste it.  We were transported to this mystical realm, and they disappeared, leaving me there with the High Priestess.  In my search, I found myself at the circle.  Alone.  At peace.  Looking up at the sky, feeling wonderful.  Not frightened or anxious, not concerned.  Just at peace.  Empowered.  Circles can represent protection and wholeness.

Like this morning readings, I'm sure this dream represents my growth as a Healer, a Practitioner, and a Psychic.  SPG was pretty adamant in getting this message out to me this morning.  Just letting me know that I'm doing good on my path.  Keep up the hard work.



This morning's draw:

Scythe - Sudden Change
Sun - Progress, Success
Flower - Love

Seeing the Scythe, I thought back to yesterday's draw, which I drew three times when Spirit Guide was trying to tell me something during the Study Group.  All Scythes were fulfilled yesterday.  One being that my Uncle B was in a motorcycle accident.  He was in and out of surgery, with no complications, which was something for a man like him who has been suffering from kidney disease and diabetes for a long time.  And if you know anything about diabetes, it prevents normal healing speeds.

I had asked if I should perform a healing spell for him and was told no.  I figured that it wasn't too bad.  Even his daughter's energy through Facebook wasn't distressed.  Everyone sounded hopeful, although annoyed that he'd take such a risk.  Even me.

Seeing the Scythe today, I decided to ask SPG about it, and they told me to redraw:

Eye - Psychic
Rings - Contract
Waves - Spiritual Connection

Seeing the Rings, I felt that it had something to do with healing.  SPG said that I was right.  I would be healing someone that I knew today, so I kept my eye out.

In the evening, my mom called to say that my Uncle slipped into a coma.  As she spoke, I know that I sounded uncaring, but in my spiritual line of work, I was actually planning.  He's very ill, and believed to be on the brink of death.  I was preparing for the healing and crossing work that I was going to have to do.

It got me thinking about death.  About how differently I view death from majority of my kin.  They mourn, I get to work on healing them and helping our loved ones cross over.  I know that it makes me seem uncaring, indifferent, cold, and other things--how I appear to them, them not believing in magik, verses what I'm actually doing.  But really, I'm in the headspace for magik.  For psychopomping.  As well as shielding myself from them, but leaving a little screened window open so I can connect and heal them.

I still mourn, just in a different way.

I don't weep like they do.  I mean, for my son I did, but for my grandmother, after she died, I didn't cry.  I don't feel tears when I think about my Uncle.  But I feel for my cousins and aunt, for his son and their family.  Yet I know that they're not alone.  The Gods and Ancestors are with them.

Only the body dies....but that's not always comforting.  Of course, many of us would rather have the body instead of just knowing that they're on the other side of the veil.  Unseen, standing beside you.

I just want what's best for him.  Be it alive or crossed over.  The reason why he went riding was because he was tired of sitting around not being able to do anything because of his illnesses.

SPG either doesn't know or can't tell me if he's going to pull through.  So I made him a sigil.  I actually had a difficult time making it.  I didn't know what symbols to use.  My mind just drew a blank!  I had my intention, his photo, his daughter's page open, drawing in their energy.  But I just didn't want how to draw the sigil.

Then, I thought of the Sun rune.  Progress.  Success.  I drew it over the double B's.  Then came the curly, spiraling lotus, and finally algiz and a heart.

I charged it.  Charged the candle.  Took them to the healing altar and ignited the flame, activating the spell.  Then I gave some dried green tea to the Healers and asked Mary Magdalene, The Blessed Virgin, Kuan Yin, and Green Tara to hear his loved ones.  Hear them.  Show them compassion and mercy.  Bringing them strength, love, and peace.

Now, I just wait.  Wait and prepare.  But right now, everything feels peaceful.  But even that peace can mean many different things....

I will cast the spell again and again until something changes.


Friday, February 17, 2017

Sticky, Sticky Dream

After waking up from sleeping off a migraine, I had one of those dreams that just sticks with you.  I don't know that it's spiritual, but it's just there, begging to be shared.

I was at a party with my husband, at a friend's house--JH.  It wasn't like the usually Pagan/Witch party, just a party.  I met a native family who was living with him.  A father and his adult son, new adult daughter, and teen son.  I think they owned the house and JH was just staying there, down on his luck?  I followed a cat through the tight cramped house, away from the party, to the family's area of the house.

The teen son's room was very white and just reminded me of greenhouse windows.  In the dream, I had remembered being there before.  That it looked like an aunt's house when I was a child, although waking it's not familiar.

I remember connecting very well with the younger son and the daughter.

Then I was overwhelmed by a message and sought my pendulum for an answer.  When i didn't get a result, because the daughter was watching me, perplexed, I panicked and fell into a trance.  In the trance, I was on the phone with the police department, listening to a very inappropriate eulogy for a fallen cop.  It was inappropriate, because the speaker was hyped up like that America Fuck Yeah song from Team America.

The cop's name was something like "Abe Lincoln" but not the president.  I kept getting the impression that it was actually about my uncle, who's a cop in the waking world.  Who's name is nothing like Abe Lincoln.  When the speaker said that the fallen was survived by but I couldn't make out the names, and I was sure that's what was important.

I "came back", surrounded by the family.  The father said that all of his family are also Seers, except they knew how to control their visions, and not have the visions control them.  He gestures to my trembling hand, which meant that I had a message to release, but the vision made no sense, and I didn't want to say anything until I had time to analyze.

My aunt L was there, and if my uncle was dead, surely she'd know about it through the cellular grape vine, right?

He sat me down at a table, his daughter sitting to my left, and one of the sons to my right, and he told me to close my eyes.  He tried a guided meditation, which I'm terrible at awake or dreaming, and sure enough, the tremors got more and more distracting, and I blurted the vision out.

I mentioned Abe and was mocked by my aunt, of course, but for some reason I couldn't bring myself to say that it was about her brother.  But the family agreed that the message was in the details that I couldn't understand.  The father was going to help me unlock that part of the vision and control my visions.

Then I woke up to the sounds of sirens in the distance.

Due to the sticky nature of this dream, I jumped on Facebook and there wasn't anything.  I don't feel anything foreboding.  It was just a long, detailed, sticky dream, I guess.  But it could also be a message about my psychic development, as I have been working on it as of late?  I dunno, I guess I have to analyze the dream more before coming to a conclusion.  lol.  But not now, now, I'm hungry!


Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day & Lupercalia!

Valentine's Day altar, honoring Gaia & Helios, Zeus & Hera, Dionysus-Dibella, Aphrodite, and the other Gods and Spirits of Fertility, Love, Sex, Marriage, and Beauty.
Hestia, as Matron of this household, overlooks the ritual for the good of my household.


Saturday, February 11, 2017

The Whisp of Flame and the Glow of the Moon

So I'm sittin here, watching Star Trek: Voyager, thinking about the Work I've done this night.  I looked over to the Healing Altar, and seen something that I've only see with larger fires.  A ember or bright orange ash whisped up from the flame and disappeared.  I've never seen that with a tealight, only campfire!

Spiritual or not, it was something to be noted.  This spell is done for a friend who's suffered the loss of a young child in their family.  The spell was for the deceased toddler, for the Ancestor's to hold and comfort him; and his for unborn sibling, that the child be protected from all harm.  I asked the Healers to answer the family's prayers and to boost my spell.

Maybe that was Them answering?  I've seen some pretty interesting things happen with flames on that altar, including once when the flame took the shape of a heart for many minutes!  Long enough to get a picture with the cell phone.

March 2016, the Healing Heart Flame

I mean, They were pretty adamant in reminding me today of my "contract", the healing spell that I promised my friend I'd do tonight.  Even Dionysus was pretty clear that it needed to be done.  It was the most important thing on my To Do list tonight.  It's been done.  I just waiting for the candle to burn itself out, as I was told by the Oracle deck to also "honor my cycles".  Being snotty, I'm assuming that's my sleep cycles, since my other monthly cycle isn't due until the Dark Moon.

Enough of that TMI, allow me to share with you tonight's lovely full Sister Moon:

Aw, I love my camera.  Due to clouds, I was worried that I might not see Her tonight.  Then, as I looked out my bedroom window, I saw that familiar white shine reflecting off of a truck at the end of the parking lot.  I ran outside and sure enough, She was there, high above the apartment complex.  I had to wedge the tripod into the corner of the patio to get this shot.

Also Dionysus is excited for me to crochet Him a Penis Pouch, lol.  Every time I walk past that darn thing, I just bust out laughing.  It's like a big ole flaccid penis sitting on my yarn tower.  Although I may have heard a "stuffed" in there when I was asking Him.  Apparently Dionysus wants His Phallus Cozy to be erect.

A vibrator holder...lol.  Eh, there might be a market out there somewhere for fun crocheted sex toy holders.  Haha!


Friday, February 10, 2017

Moon Plans

Ugh, I'm sick again!  I was sick at the beginning and ending of December, mid January, and now mid February.  I'm almost 2 weeks behind on my photo challenge too.  Boo!  Stupid virus' and weather.  Stupid Global Warming.

Dang it.

However, I have made 3 money pouches this week for my D&D group, so that's a plus.  One of the pouches gave me an idea to make a phallus pouch for Dionysus' shrine.  Basically, I made one pouch too narrow, so I decided to make it long...and longer...and longer, until I finally had pretty much a penis cozy...which is fine because our horny half-orc of the group only wears a loin cloth.  Haha, holds money and keeps the phallus warm on those wintery quests!

We're grown ups, I swear.

I'm working my first draw-string (sans pattern) pouch now.  Non-phallic.  After I make the five pouches, I'm going to purchase gold, silver, and copper metallic paint and some circular wooden ships for the money.  Lots of it.  All of it will go to our DM/Banker.  I may also make pouches and get some little potion pendants from the craft store, painting each one whatever potion color.  AND pouches for dice.  Although the money pouches are large enough for dice.  Right now, my dice are kept in an empty spice bottle that I tie around my waist, with my Deity symbols and rune bag.  (I'm also going to buy or upcycle a flask for red wine for my Cleric's Gods, Pharasma and Saranae....something like that?

Plus, tipsy D&Ding is kind of fun.  

Tonight's the full moon and although congested, I still have work to do: Healing and Protection for the living, Psychopomping for the dead, as a favor for a friend.  I read her plea on FB and got a clear sign from the Healers to aid.

Plus, I have my usual duties for the Gods to perform.  And I'm going to divine.  A couple of days ago, SPG was adamant about me doing a reading, so I did and it spoke of financial success and victory.  I still have no idea what it's referring to.  I was hoping it was refund news, or maybe my invention, so I'm going to ask for clarification tonight.

I'd also like to get a photo or two done for my Challenge, but we'll see.  Both me and hubby are snotty.  However, my BFF is supposed to come over this weekend and help me level up my cleric, she's usually a pretty good photography model.

Hope yall have a good and safe Friday!


Monday, February 6, 2017

Class Assignment

Writing Quarter Calls.

In my early witchy days, I cast circles, called quarters, and all that jazz.  These days, not so much.  I just don't have need for them.  My home is already protected.  Unless I'm doing a curse, I don't cast circles in my home.  Nor do I ever really cast outside anymore, either.  And if I cast a curse, I never do it inside my home either, so yeah.

Back when I did, I used to use whatever was written in books.  I think Edain McCoy had a rhyme that I once in enjoyed for casting and releasing circles.  Couldn't tell you what it is now, though.  As I got more confident, I started doing my own thing, which usually didn't involve words.  Most of what I do magikally, doesn't involve words, only emotion, visualizations, and energy.

Anyway, so this week's assignment is write your own quarter calls.  I decided to add a bit of Hellenic flare to it, with addressing my Gods and using libations.  I thought about using hymns, but I don't know that I want to make this that complicated.  Especially since I don't know that I'm ever going to use it, except maybe for this class.

See, I started out simple.  Then as I got going and starting using Them, then I wanted to write something better for the Theoi.  Instead of just a piece of homework.  So, this is what I have thus far:

Because Hestia is my Matron, I begin and end with Her.  The First and the Last.  Arms spread wide, offering bowl in one hand, palm and face turned upwards:
Hear me, Lady Hestia, Goddess of Hearth and Family.  I invite You to attend this rite, and protect those within with warmth and glow, and those who’d intrude with flame hotter than Hephaestus’ forge, as we honor the Gods and Spirits this sabbat!
Toss Barley to the South.

Hear me, Lord Poseidon, God of Oceans and Emotions.  I invite You to this circle to lend us balance for heart and mind, as we do good Work this rite!
Toss Barley to the West.

Hear me, Lord Dionysus, God of Nature and Fertility.  I invite You to come down to this circle and lend some stability to this rite, as we honor the Spring Equinox!
Toss Barley to the North.

Hear me, Swift Hermes, God of Messengers and Communication. I invite You to come down to this circle and lend some energy so that we may speak clearly and be heard and our wishes granted!
Toss Barley to the East.

To the Altar, “To You Zeus King of all, who rules with Hera Queen of heaven, we ask that You bless this circle and this rite!”
Give barley to the altar.

As the Gods will it, so will it be done!

Arms spread wide, offering bottle in one hand, palm and face turned upwards:

To you, Might Zeus and White-Armed Hera, we thank you and bid farewell, until we meet again.”
Libation of wine or juice poured into the earth or a bowl.

Thank you, Swift Hermes, for attending this rite and lending us Your divine energy.  Be well, until we meet again.”
Liabtion of wine or juice poured into the earth or a bowl.

Thank you, Lord Dionysus for attending this rite and lending Your divine energy.  Be well, until we meet again.”
            Libation of wine or juice poured into the earth or a bowl.

"Thank you, Lord Poseidon for attending this rite and lending us Your divine energy.  Be well, until we meet again.”
            Libation of wine or juice poured into the earth or a bowl.

"And to Youkind Hestia, thank you, for attending this rite and lending Your divine energy.  Be well, until we meet again.”
            Libation of wine or juice poured into the earth or a bowl.

As the Gods will it, so will it be done!

It's not the best, but then again, I typically just wing it.  But I like it.  I may not add anything else to it, only some edits here and there.

When I was working on this earlier, I felt Hermes near.  He doesn't come around that often--that I sense anyway--but He does pop in sometimes, so it's interesting.  He was definitely about when I was writing this!  

Also one of our classes falls near the Spring Equinox, so we're going to have a circle (which I am kind of bummed about with Three Cranes Groves is having their Spring Equinox ritual closer to my house this time, but small sacrifices), I said that I'd be the Water Caller, and I might suggest doing what I've seen the local druids do and call on the Gods for an omen for the group.  So maybe I'd do that and allow someone else to be the Water Caller?  I'll run it passed the group for their opinion.

Also I was thinking about purchasing some wooden eggs from a craft shop and writing a word on it for each of those present.  A couple of years ago, The Magical Druid held a spring ritual that I attended (and loved) and that was something they did.  The eggs were in a bag, charmed and such, and the attendees reached in and it served as a type of personal omen for them.  I drew Love and it sits on my Ancestral shrine.  Since there's not that many of us in the class, could be fun.

Now that that's out of the way, I've got to remind myself that tomorrow is Artemis' day and actually remember to honor Her!  I hope yall have a good week!  Type at yall later!


Thursday, February 2, 2017

Done and Done, Now to Wait

Did my little ritual tonight.  I did something different, reordered, added, and subtracted some steps.  I added Hestia.  Then forgot some of it when I was actually doing the ritual, like I do, despite having the script.  But the ritual went very well.  I showered, sans khernips because I was mad at my dumb husband, and forgot to bring the bottle.

Then I wrote out the ritual in a notebook, got the altar ready, and had a divination session, asking what I needed to release.  Instead, the cards told me what tools I'd need to reach my potential: Love, Support from family and friends, dedication and hard work, to make my own choices and to have faith in myself, and patience.

Again, the message was there of planted seeds and waiting.  Also change is necessary, you must be willing to sacrifice and take responsibility.

When I asked how the ritual and spell would go, the 13 Witches Runes gave me Harvest (reaping), Flower and Scythe (love and change), and the Sun (progress and success).

Fairy Tale Fortune told me that new projects would begin, big opportunities would be available, but as I do, I'll worry, but it'll pass.

The Goddess Guidance Oracle gave me Kali and Nemetona--Endings and Beginnings and Sacred Space.

A skeptic can say what they want about divination, but damn.  Spot on!

I saw what I needed to release and work on, so I redid the headcovering and performed the katharmos ritual, then ground and centered in one room and processed to the other room that had the altar.  I gave barley first, then did my usual for Hestia with lighting Her candle and sprinkling the salted flour into the flames.  I smoke cleansed, and then addressed Dionysus, only giving Him red wine in a the beige bowl above.

I asked Them both to aid me, charging the cord and the scissors with my intention.  Then I held the cord over the cauldron, asking again, focusing on my intention, and then snip!  After thanking the Gods for attending the rite, I took the cauldron outside and set the cord on fire.  As it went out, I said, "As the Gods will it, so shall it be,": with confidence.  Came back inside, saged myself again, and now I'm just waiting for the candles to burn themselves out so I can clean up the space, and sit the cord on His shrine, as a reminder of The Work.

Yes, a very good ritual, indeed.  I'm looking forward to my future, and I hope to repeat this ritual every year.


Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The Waiting Game

I woke up thinking about the things that I want to sorta banish in tonight's ritual, such as resentment, anger, and frustration.  Then I put on the hijab and made the earlier post, and now I don't feel that festering anger that Hawk warned me about anymore.  I vented a little bit--a healthy amount.  There's still a lot within that I want to release, but I'm not nearly as bothered as I have been this month.  Well, last month.

I was told to be more compassionate and it's been a challenge, but I am trying to not hate those in my life who support Trump (I've seen those around me who voted for him, who no longer support him, and regret their decision), those who're ignoring his changes, who're arguing to give him a chance....some of whom who're blindly loyal to him, and saying how unpatriotic others are being for not supporting him and his Trumptopia.

Deep Breath.

I remind myself of what I was told to do.  Wait.  Do nothing.  You are a Healer.  I must save my energy for the aftermath.  Which is an incredibly difficult thing to do....waiting, while watching the world come undone.  But as I said to another yesterday, who was struggling with the same message, we each have jobs to do.  We can't all be the frontliners--the infantry, the SWAT, the police, the firefighters.  Some of us must sit and wait for our time, some of us must be the EMS, the doctors, the nurses, the rehabilitators.  Some of us must be the rebuilders.    We see the state of world and we must prepare and save our energy.  Soon our time will come.

It's like how I'm shown things--terrible things that are either going to happen or are happening.  I'm shown these shitty events not to torture me or to make me feel helpless....but to show me where to focus my energy, my magik, my healing.

A blessing and a curse, but I've accepted it.

We each have jobs to do.

So as I wait, I'll be thinking on the things I want to cut away.  I'll also be consulting my tools to greater insight, then charging the cord and the scissors.  Burning that which no longer serves me, and keeping the rest as a reminder.

Ah, I was just shown the cutting of a dead part of a plant, then sitting the roots--it was a bulb, actually--of it in water on Dionysus' shrine.  Caring for it, making sure it eats right and gets enough sun.  Watching it grow and blossom into something beautiful.

One could also use an actual plant, instead of cords for the ritual.  Since I lack those resources, a cord works.  But I'll also be keeping the imaginary, too.  Perhaps I'll attempt to grow some ivy for Dionysus this year in the pot that sits on His shrine?  Charge it with the magik.  A living, breathing reminder of my goal this year?

--the seeds have been planted-- 
Stand Your Ground.
Do not give in.


World Hijab Day!

As a spiritual veiler myself, I support those who choose to cover, whatever their reasons.  I stand with you in many ways.  Stay strong!  Happy World Hijab Day!

As someone who covers their head and body, I've faced my own share of hate and prejudice, even from other Pagans and Witches--people who're stereotyped as being tolerant, accepting, and loving.  However as I don't wear the hijab or wimple style (and I hate to say it, but also have white skin.  Yes, unlike many, I know Islam is a religion that anyone can be, but--and I'm assuming--it's mostly non-white Muslims who're being targeted), I obviously don't have nearly as much to worry about.  Also it helps being 6'2 and carrying hard energy; the bigots stare and make faces of disgust, but deep down they're nothing but spineless cowards (which can still be quite dangerous, as proven time and time again.  I still have to keep my guard up, especially when I'm alone, but then one should always be aware of their surroundings).

Often in the various veiling and wrapping groups that I'm part of, sometimes you hear how someone was insulted, harassed, or Gods forbid, assaulted; and it's only getting worse.  The act of cowards.  No one, no matter the style or reason should have to face hate and intolerance, for how they dress or practice their faith (as long as it's not harming or oppressing anyone).  

Too many Americans gobble up everything the media of this Trumptopia tells them, and they have the audacity to believe that they're the victims and the targets....but they're not.  They're just sheep and bigots, who wouldn't know true oppression if it came up and smacked them in the face.  It's shameful and disgusting.   Embarrassing. 

Take the time to actually talk to someone from these lands that are supposedly out for American Christian blood and get the real story.  The media's lying to you.  Turn off the tv, the internet, and actually talk to someone, without bias in your cold hearts.  Veil for a day and maybe you'll understand, especially if you come across someone who treats you the same way you treat them.  

No one's out to get you.  There's no hijab wearing boogeyman.  Majority of people being attacked are just average people!  And most of them are women!  Oh, yeah, big badass "hero" you are!  

Not all Muslims are the enemy!  Stop scapegoating these people!  End the violence.

For the non-sheep and veilers, please seek ways to protect yourselves, be it weapons, protective dogs, self defense, traveling in groups.  You can't rely on others to help and save you.  You have to take the steps to save yourself, and maybe you'll be able to help someone else?  

And always remember why you're practicing, who it's for.  Every time someone throws hate my way, it rolls off my back, because I'm not doing this for them.  I don't need their validation, their permission.  I'm doing this for my Gods and myself.  I will not stoop to their levels.  I refuse to be Willfully Ignorant and to be bullied in the name "Patriotism" and "Freedom".  

Stand tall, sisters and brothers.  You're not alone.  I stand with you.  Many stand with you, whether they don on a veil on this day or not.

(I know this is a problem occurring all over the world, but because I only have American experience, clearly, I'm writing this from an American perspective.  But this post isn't just for those in/affected by Trumptopia, but for all who need it.)