Tuesday, October 25, 2016


This evening, I had quite the spiritual experience!  After months of feeling disconnected from my Spirit Animals, I found a new one, or rather they found me, as it often goes with guides.  As posted to Facebook Group Circle of Wolves: Familiars, Spirit Guides, and Animal Totems:

I'm currently going through quite the profound spiritual transition right now, and have noticed that my bond with some of my guides isn't as strong as it used to be. Guides will change throughout your life, especially if they've taught you all that they can. But that's not saying that you might not feel a little disconnected. Which is what I've been feeling lately. Kind of lost without my almost constant companions around me.
This evening, as I went outside to check on the position of Sister Moon, I turned to see a huge black spiky caterpillar climbing up the brick wall of my apartment. I've never seen one that large, in person, before, and it was gorgeous! I took photos of it, and it posed, as insects, bugs, and other crawlies typically do for me. Went inside and looked it up, and learned that it's a Giant Leopard Moth, and it will be beautiful one day!

As I was looking at photos of this beauty, I felt a deep, calming connection. Powerful, friendly, and gentle. I do believe that Moth is my new Guide. Moth has made contact before, but it wasn't as strong, so I shrug them off as just a Messenger.  I still took their message to heart, but I didn't think, Oh, new guide!  But I'm looking forward to our journey together.
The picture that I felt this connection with is in this article, just scroll on down until you see Giant Leopard Moth.

"An issue that has been bothering you is being healed behind the scenes. The solution is ingenious, creative and a happy surprise for you." - Spirit Animal Totems

Some of Moth's possible spiritual messages are (but that quote above seems pretty damn accurate for me right now):
- Awareness
- Care Giver
- Clarity
- Determination
- Faith
- Let Go of that which hinders you
- Love
- Messenger
- Moon - Lunar Energies
- Mystery
- Optimistic - Find the light of a dark situation (I certainly have been with my Grief Work)
- Psychic
- Silence
- Spirit World
- Stealth
- Transformation
- Trust the Journey

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Monday, October 24, 2016

Suns & Death

A couple of weeks ago, someone in a Hellenic group was asking about the Gods that you're most and least connected to (I think I posted about this recently, hopefully not too redundant).  I gave the ones whom I'm dedicated to, as well as the ones that I'm beginning a relationship with--Aphrodite and Zeus.  Then the ones that I feel no connection to, such as Demeter and Apollo.

However, I do feel something in relation to the Titan Sun God Helios....but not to the Olympian Sun God, Apollo.  Just like how I'm dedicated to the Roman Ceres, but not to the Greek Demeter.  It's very strange to me.  But shouldn't be surprising.  Hestia-Vesta started as one Goddess, then as I researched the New Vesta Tradition, They began to separate.  I honor both.  But with Artemis and Diane, again, connected to Artemis, nothing from Diane.  Hephaestus and Vulcan are two separate Gods, now, as well.

But Helios.  I have no idea why I feel a connection to Him...maybe because of my worship of Father Sun?  No idea.  Perhaps time will tell?

Also, here's my Deity of the Day post for one of the Facebook groups that I admin:

10/24 DOTD: Dionysus
What Powers do you honor and celebrate during fall or during this time of the thinning veil? Please, do answer, if you want. For me, I honor Hecate, Persephone, Death, Ceres, Artemis, and will begin to include Hades, Hermes, Thanatos...and Dionysus.
Some might wonder why Dionysus? During the harvest season, the myths say that He dies during the harvest, as so many other plants (and animals) do during this season. They die to sustain life for the dark months. He IS the vine, the fruit. He IS that which sustains us, among others. Dionysus dies in the fall, then (for me, at least) He's "reborn" during the Dionysia, which is around the Spring Equinox. (Dionysus does have strong ties to the Eleusinian Mysteries, which I still have more research to do, before I can talk a bit about it.)
That's why I also include the God of Celebration and Moderation in my Fall Harvest rituals as a Death God, honoring His sacrifice. I will do so by using red wine to represent His blood. But one could also use any red juice or water with a bit of food coloring. Although it's Halloween, you could also use fake blood that's often sold, I wouldn't ingest that, though. You don't have to drink, I do. I give some to Him and pour it into the Earth, then drink some for myself, because Dionysus sacrificed Himself for us. Drink deep, honor, and celebrate. (Fall and Winter, I use Red Wine. In the Spring and Summer, I use White Wine.)
Dionysus, Hades, and Thanatos get red wine.
Hecate and Persephone get pomegranate.
Ceres and Artemis, I give milk and honey.
Death doesn't ask for food or drink, simply that I live.
Hermes, I haven't decided what I want to give to Him for His Underworld travels, yet.
(Sometimes, I also offer squash or any other seasonal foods)
How do you honor your Powers? Any interesting symbolic representations, such as the use of red or dark colored libations to represent death, harvest, and the Under/Spirit Worlds?


Saturday, October 15, 2016

Wave of Light

Image from Facebook Page Pregnancy After Loss Support

Now matter where you are in the world, at 7 pm light a candle for your loved ones, be them your child or anothers.  <3


Friday, October 14, 2016

Bones and News

Yesterday, hubby and I started working out again at a nice gym near us, and yes, the cards were right, I got my energy back!  I decided to take a little break from the devotional stuff and just enjoy the company of my husband and driving around looking for a Halloween shop.  No close shops, so boo, but at the food store yesterday, "Bone Broth" randomly caught my attention, and I thought, "Mm, that sounds good," but kept walking because it wasn't on the list.

However, I did buy a rotisserie chicken, and that wasn't on the list, because it's low carb and delicious.  This afternoon, I got myself a plate of chicken and was wondering what I'm going to do with the carcass.  I didn't just want to throw it away.  When we get out Homestead, I'm gonna want to use as much of the chickens as I can.  So I sat, ate, and went through my Wordpress Reader, and lo and behold, Three Hundred and Sixty-Six posted the answer: Bone Broth!

Go freakin figure.  lol  There's some good news!

Also yesterday was my brother's 39th birthday.  39.  I didn't know he was that old.  I guess I just never really thought about it.  We're 6.5 years apart, and I dunno.  It's weird thinking about him getting along in years.  Me, I don't mind so much.  But its just weird to see him, my older brother, getting older.  But you're also only as old as you feel, and he's pretty active.  Doesn't look his age.

Yesterday, for Capture Your Grief, the topic was Dear World, and you could talk about whatever you wanted the world to know about your grief.  I was going to go hard and deep into my anxiety and PTSD, but I decided to just post, "Dear World, I can't turn my anxiety, depression, and PTSD off to make you more comfortable."

It's still kind of bitchy, which I wanted to avoid, but I dunno, it's not as depressing as what I originally typed.

I did that, 1) because even though my photos aren't getting redundant, my story telling is.  And 2) I didn't want to go back to that place.  That sadness.  As I've mentioned before, I want this month to be about progression of healing.  And I feel that healing as each day passes, each photo I take, and each story I share.  I'm opening up, others are opening up.  I'm seeing my progress, and the blessings that have come from the miscarriage.  Yes, it's sad and it's sucks, but it was necessary.  I'm a better person because of the lessons that Nathan brought with him.  He asked me to live and be happy.  To not dwell and lose myself in grief.  I intend on doing that.  Focus on the good.  Grow.  Spread compassion to the world  (i'm not perfect, but i try to focus on my goals).

Also, today's Friday.  Yay!  I thought it was Thursday.  I'm kind of feeling the park today.  Take my camera, meditate, think about this Patron and sincere heart business.  Also also, I keep seeing Blue Morpho Butterflies all over the media.  I know that butterflies in general represent transformation, joy, love, and even spirits of our sacred dead, but I was doing some research yesterday and saw that the blue ones can symbolize healing, too.

So I leave you with today's CYG: Beliefs & Spirituality picture, while I work on today's Inner Witch Photo Challenge.

By Kristy Tackett, Oct 2016


Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Seek, Persevere, and Drink Deep

Since I've been invited to bring my divination stuff to a Samhain party, I decided that I might as well practice.  Especially since I'm bringing my new deck, too.

I wanted to ask my Patron question, but I just didn't know how to word it, so I defaulted: What will tomorrow hold for me?

Fairy Tale Fortune:
  • Tree & Key - Return of energy.  (I sure hope so)
  • Letter - News is coming.

What message do you have for me?

Housewives Tarot:
  • Hierophant - Answers, wisdom, harsh truths.  You may not like the answer.
  • Temperance - Cooperation, Compromise, Sympathy.  Spoon some of it into your life.

Goddess Guidance Oracle:
  • Sacred Space - Connect with the divine.
  • Endings & Beginnings - Release the old.

Should I choose my own Patron or wait for Him to approach me?

Wildwood Tarot:
  • Hare - Companion through life who's understanding and supportive.
  • Endurance - Withdraw from trauma and focus on emotional resilience.
  • The World Tree - Recognition.  Balance.  The end of one journey, beginning of another.  Seek with a sincere heart.  Persevere.  Drink deep.  

So...yes?  I should take those steps to seek Him out?  Yes, release the fear of rejection and go for it.  Ask.  Search.

Hierophant, you were right.  I may not like the answer.  lol.  But at least I have some direction.  Pull up my big girl britches, swallow the fear, and seek.  Another test.


Tuesday, October 11, 2016


I'm very much the type of person who's opened herself to the Gods.  Let Them come to me, ya know?  Being a borderline Introvert with Anxiety Disorder, who's terrified of rejection and failure, it just works better this way for me....right?

Then I became a Hellenic Polytheist, and although I've been visited and greeted by a couple of Theoi, I also feel that I can approach them.  Some anyway.  Others, I don't feel a connection with....yet....like Apollo, Athena, Ares (sort of, but not really), Hera, and a couple others.

Aphrodite visits once in a while, especially when I'm pushing myself too much or am outside taking pictures of flowers.

Zeus, I feel is very welcoming and wants a relationship.  It's like as my own bond with my father lessens, Zeus is coming closer.  Especially as my negative perspective of Him changes.

I've met Hermes, sorta.  He swept in, checked me out, then left.  Seems fitting to His style.

Persephone, I've loved Her myths since I was young, all of them--Her as victim and Her as not.  She still feels like more of an acquaintance.  No doubt (as with most), as I include Her more and more in my faith, that acquaintance may change.

Demeter is odd, because I'm dedicated to Ceres, and yet I still don't feel Demeter.

Hades is distant, but I can feel Him a little, although that may just be Persephone.  But at the shrine, I see Her, with Him lurking in the shadows behind Her.  Just observing.

Although not Olympians, I do feel closer connections with Prometheus and Morpheus, than with some listed above.

Of course, the Theoi I'm dedicated to are Hestia, Dionysus, Hecate, Artemis, Hephaestus, and Poseidon.  I think that's all...I have so many, it gets confusing sometimes!

A question that I've had for the last couple of years is who is my Patron?  It's a question that's beginning to nag.  I know that my Matron is Hestia, but who is the God in my life?  I've asked if it was Dionysus, and was told no.  Same with Poseidon.  I was told that He's out there, but no names were given, nor Pantheon.  I'm beginning to wonder if this is a test.  Instead of me sitting and waiting for Him to reveal Himself, if I should be the one to approach and choose?  It just feels....disrespectful?  Although I'm sure that's just the anxiety talking.  It's just not my style.

I've noticed that as I wonder, sometimes Dionysus comes to mind, but I don't know if that's just wishful thinking.  I feel that I have a stronger connection with Him than any of the other Gods I've encountered in my life.  But I dunno.

And yet, I also get feelings of Zeus, too.  But then He's the King of the Theoi and tends to have an affinity for women.  He's also a strong Father figure for many that I've come across in my online years.

It's confusing at times.  Shit, maybe I'm way off?  Perhaps I'll try to divine for an answer?  Meditate on it?

It's not a pressing matter for me right now, it'd just be nice to know.  I don't know if I should make the move, or just wait.  I've never really cared to have the other half, until recently....especially since I booted my dad from my life. Maybe it's in connection with that?  Many good things have happened to me and us, since making and sticking to that difficult decision.

Tasks and challenges.  Tests.  Since January, the Gods have mostly been quiet this year.  Observing. Letting me discover my own strength, take charge of my own life.  Lending a helping hand when I need it....I haven't really felt my Guides, either.  I think They're all taking a step back to test me.  To see if I'm really going to walk my talk, if I'm really listening to Their teachings.  I'm trying.  I've grown so much since last year.  I'm truly grateful.

I'm feeling something right now.  Energy.  Strong energy.  I don't know Who or what it is, but I really want to know who my Patron is.  Perhaps the reveal is approaching?  Stop overthinking.  Clear the mind.  Let Him come.  Listen for the message.


Monday, October 10, 2016

Choo! Choo! Through the Spirit World

I do want to write about Zeus, I'm actually nagging myself about it, but alas, the inspiration is sorta there, but I don't have enough to write about.  It's mostly just feelings and emotions, and I don't really know how to translate those into a coherent sentence.  However, I feel no push from the Theoi, only a reminder about self care, compassion, and to be gentle with myself.  To not push myself and feel pressured to have a daily photo  That this project is supposed to be about healing and letting go, not stress and digging up all that pain and sorrow.

Today's picture is fairly good for October, Symbols & Signs.  Basically it's what symbols do you associate with your child, and have they sent you any signs?

Chuga chuga choo choo! I associate trains with Nathan. One day, while I was at the computer in 2015, I took a break and glanced down at one of my kid’s toy trains. It very visibly moved in front of me. 

I tried to debunk the crap out of it! There was no reason for this non-motorized, plastic toy to move like it did. I do believe that was Nathan playing with it, letting me know that he was here. So trains are his thing.  I plan on buying a train for him this Yule.

In doing this project, I've realized that 2014, 15, 16 are all kinda blurred together, so I can't really remember when certain events happened anymore.  I have that problem with 8, 11, and 12 years-old, too.  Too much trauma and drama, some years blur and blend together.  I have a fairly good long-term memory, too (but a crappy short-term memory, explain that one to me!).

Anywhoo, I plan on buying a train for Nathan's place on the Ancestral shrine this Yule.  The train picture isn't the one that he played with.  I actually ended up donating it, because it was large and bulky and there was no way I could fit it on the shelf.  The train pictured is one of his brother's favorites.

But I've invited Nathan to play with any of the toys and his brothers, of course.

Hecate's also on my mind.  I see in the any Facebook groups that I'm in, She's a star lately.  Then I saw an article from Witches & Pagans, Patheos, or one of the other big Pagan blog sites, about whether or not Hecate should be included in Samhain.

Personally, if the person wants to do it and She's cool with it, do it.  Whatever.  I think the article or another I've recently read said that Samhain should be more about Ancestors, not the Gods.

Again, it's your personal practice, make it your own.

But the author(s) did make some valid points about Samhain being Celtic and Hecate not being Celtic--however, I doubt that any of Them really care, but what do I know?  But that was one of the reasons why I don't call October 31st Samhain anymore: I'm not Wiccan and don't follow the Wheel of the Year, nor am I of the Celtic path or follow any of those Gods.

I don't celebrate Samhain, unless I'm with other Pagans and Practitioners.  I celebrate Ancestor's Day, which is about the Ancestors.  The 31st is also the end of the month, therefore is sacred to Hecate.  And October is a HUGE harvest month for me, therefore I'm going to start honoring Dionysus (and already do with Ceres), too.  Really, the 31st looks like this: Ancestor's Day, Third Harvest, and Hecate's Day, but my calendar only has so much writing room, and I hate writing.

And now that I'm pulling more of the Theoi into my monthly practices, yes, I'm also going to start honoring Thanatos, Hades, Persephone, and Hermes, too.

I don't know about you, but I can honor both the Ancestors and the Gods.  It's fairly easy.  I have no problems.  But on Ancestor's Day, my Ancestors do come first, then the Gods have Their share.  I was thinking of even giving the Ancestors their offerings even before Hestia, since She taught me that family comes first.

I also honor the Ancestors on Dark Moons and other holidays and holy days, and it's always the Gods who get Their cut first.  On Ancestor's Day, family comes first!

I honor my sacred dead, then I honor Death and the Spirit World, because they're all connected.  Works for me and everyone involved.

Make these days your own.  Don't just celebrate because it's expected, because everyone else is doing it.  Make it your own.  If there's no connection or meaning...what's the point?  I honor various Powers throughout the year, like Artemis during fall and even on Yule, because She's a Huntress, and wild game is an important part of family tradition.  Although my worship of Her is heavier in November, because of Deer season.  Find the symbolism, especially if it's personal.  Go from their.  Include whatever Gods from your path that you want, whatever Powers.  Honor whatever you want, even aspects of yourself.  Or dont!  You don't have to celebrate and observe any of these days.  Shit, make something up if you want.

Also, haha, a big ghostly train just choo chooed through my mind, with Charon at the helm.  He upgraded to a steam engine.  :-)


Friday, October 7, 2016

These Projects

I am doing the Inner Witch Photo Challenge, but since I'm not doing a daily thing, like I'm doing with Capture Your Grief, I'm just going to post all of the photos at the end of the month.  I'll either have a post or make a page for it.

Also, I just realized that today was Friday.  I've been so caught up in photography that I hadn't noticed, until my husband said something about picking up a cheap lunch.  However, I don't feel nearly as drained as I was a couple of days ago, although the month is still young.  I feel more focused and determined.  On my Facebook, I have an album dedicated to  Capture Your Grief, and the past seven days, I've had friends and family say that they're glad that I'm doing this project, for myself and it's also helping them.

Isn't that just fantastic news?  I'm glad that some of them are opening up about their own losses and working through their pain.  It's pretty awesome.

Today's topic was Myths about Grief.  At first, I was going to skip it because I didn't know how to translate some of the myths that I've encountered into a photograph.  Not without help anyway.  As I was waking up, a flipping calendar came to me.  Over exposed, shaky, and unending flipping through the months.

Grief has no time limit. Recovery is not linear.  

So I put this together, using Continuous Shooting:

I feel like I can do better, but for the energy that I have, I like it.  Maybe later, I'll play around with it more?  I also may drain out a bit more color, too.  Right now, it works.

I was going to write a bit on Zeus, Hecate, and Ancestor's Day, but I don't feel like it right now.  Maybe later?

Have a good weekend, yall.


Tuesday, October 4, 2016

More Challenges...Good Ones

Not that I don't have enough to do for October, especially photography wise, I come across this Witchy Photo Challenge and just can't resist! (did that sentence even make sense?  i dunno).  I figure it'll serve as a good distraction from the grief this month.

Day Four of the Capture Your Grief and I'm just in that mood.  Tired but driven to honor my son.  Yet, I keep hearing whispers of Be gentle with yourself.  I know, I know.  I will.  I've just gone through the challenge and started brain storming.  I'm worried about redundancy and I don't want my photos to have the look or feel about them.  I don't have much for my son, and with my husband working nights and days, I can't always get out of the house, so much of what's available is what's around me.  That gets redundant after a while.

I also don't want it to be all sorrow and bittersweet.  I want to show a progression of healing.  Where I was to where I am now, which is a much better place....even pretty miscarriage.  I'm having to brainstorm and think outside of the box for this one.  Which, I think, will make me a better photographer as well.  Good for healing, good for family, good for business.

I'm not very satisfied with today's photo, which is Support Circle....I'm not happy about the photo set and I also feel vulnerable sharing it on CarlyMarie's Facebook page, but also on my own page.  Vulnerable.  I have to keep reminding myself why I'm doing this project.  To heal, to honor, and to share.  To spread awareness, and hopefully inspiration and healing for others, too.  This is a difficult month for me, instead of falling back into depression, I'm trying to channel that grief into something that's hopefully beautiful and will help me.

October 4 - Support Circle
Due to keeping quiet about it and falling down that hole of depression, I didn’t really have a whole lot of support at first. A little from my husband, but he was also grieving—he lost himself in work and I lost myself in darkness. But he tried. I was just so…disconnected from my life, my family, and my spirituality. However, I often dreamt of being comforted by a huge winged She-Wolf. By my side, gentle and loving A spirit who offered healing and strength.

 “You’re not alone.”

I had just felt so betrayed by my body and abandoned. When I became suicidal, I heard a voice from the darkness, my Goddess, asking me to veil. I began to veil my head. I found others who also felt a call, and I joined their group. Even though the group—Covered In Light—wasn’t geared towards loss, it helped me reconnect to my spirituality again. I began to feel again. I felt the presence of The Madonna and Mary Magdalene, and a subtle Goddess. All were very gentle and encouraging.

“You’re not alone.”

Through my faith I found my footing again. I found the strength to talk to people that I knew. Little-by-little. After a couple years of fighting my depression, I began talking about Nathan. I began talking to friends. I began to spread miscarriage and child loss awareness on my various blogs and Facbook. Last year, I gave Nathan his own album on my Facebook, and have posted a album for this project for all to see. The more I talk about it, the more others open up. The less we feel alone and disconnected. The more healing can be done. I thank my husband, my friends, my family, blog readers, The Magical Druid for hosting their Ancestral pathworking that one night in October, my friend Christa for gifting me that moonstone pendulum, and my Gods and Spirits. I also thank, my son, Nathan, for whom my part in this project is dedicated to. <3 I never would've discovered my strength and be where I am not if it wasn't for him.

We’re not alone.

Websites that also helped me:
- The Amethyst Network
- Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep (as a photographer myself, my goal is to become a volunteer and help other parents, too)
- CarlyMarie

- Scribbles and Crumbs

Anywho, I'm going to get a start on the above challenge, too.

Don't burn yourself out...


Sunday, October 2, 2016

Agathos Daimon

Tonight's ritual:

  • I showered and poured the rest of the khernips over me.  
  • Veiled.
  • Get all of the offerings together and sat in their respectable place.
  • Light Hestia's candle, I turn my face upwards, arms open, palms up, "Hestia, Goddess of Hearth and Home, I light this candle to represent your sacred flame." Sprinkle the salted flour into the flame, "Hestia and the House Spirits, I ask that you accept this flour and this sweet wine, as I show my love and gratitude, on this Agathos Daimon, for everything you've done, everything you do, and everything you continue to do to help myself and my family.  Thank you."
  • Light the sage stick, "Hestia, I light this sage in your name and ask for blessings over my home."
  • Starting with Her shrine and traveling throughout the house, clockwise, I repeat, "With this sage, I cleanse this space all of negativity energies and entities."  Ending with Her shrine, then I cleanse myself, only instead of "this place", it's "myself".  
  • Sitting the still smoking stick on Her shrine, I went into the kitchen and made the khernips:
    • Mixed fresh water with sea salt.
    • Lit sage and dropped it into the water, and since I'm terrible with prouning Greek words, I said, "Be purified" instead of xerniptosai.
    • I asked for Hestia's blessings over the water, stating my intention of cleaning miasma from myself and any items or people that I touches it.
    • Sat it on Her shrine.  
  • Then I made the Lotus Water for Kuan Yin.  "Lady Kuan Yin, Goddess of Compassion and Mercy.  I turn this LED candle on to honor you on this New Moon.  I thank you for everything you've done, everything you do, and everything you continue to do for myself and my family."
  • Presenting the Lotus Water, "Kuan Yin, I ask that you bless this Lotus Water with the ability to sooth, calm, emotionally balance, and give strength.  Sooth.  Calm.  Balance.  Strength.  Thank you."
  • I went to the Ancestral shrine and lit the candle, "Spirit Guides and Guardians, I light this candle on this Agathos Daimon to honor and thank you, for everything you've done, everything you do, and everything you continue to do--with good intentions--for myself and my family.   I ask for your continued protection over my home and family, and ask that you accept this offering to fuel you.  Thank you!"